wordpress 3.9WordPress new version that is WordPress 3.9 beta version has been released and people are very excited to get a glimpse into the new features. In this article, I will show you what new features are coming in WordPress 3.9. WordPress 3.9 is still in development, so some of these features may not be present in the final release.You can also download the beta version to try your hand.

The main features to look out for :-

  • Live Widget Previews in Theme Customize tab
  • Create Audio / Video Playlists
  • New and Improved TinyMCE or Visual Editor
  • Enhanced look and feel for the Add Themes section

Now I am going to take you point by point on each of these features.

1. Live Widget Previews in Theme Customize tab

With WordPress 3.9, you will be able to see live previews of widgets in the theme customizer. Simply go to the Appearance > Customize option in the WordPress Admin and you will land on Themes Preview page which has extra Widget Customizer options which will allow you to edit widgets, reorder them, and even add new widgets.

Customize themes  and widgets too

The exciting thing about this is that we can have a live preview of the changes done so you don’t have to save and then preview the widgets in the front end. So now you can manage your widgets from the customize theme options with live preview as well as you can do this the old fashioned way i.e by clicking on the widgets option in the Appearance menu.

You can also upload, crop, and manage header images, without needing to leave the preview area.

edit header images


2. Create your own Audio/Video Playlist.

WordPress 3.9 includes the ability to create audio and video playlists. This is a great addon implemented as it will reduce any extra effort we need to put in to add audio/video playlist.

You can upload multiple audio/video files and add them to a playlist from the media uploader.

Create audio or video playlist


The audio playlist can be seen as in the post given below:-

Rock Band   WordPress3.9

Similarly we can add videos also and also create video gallary.

Create video playlist


The video playlist can be seen as in the post given below:-

Wildlife videos   WordPress3.9

3. New and Improved TinyMCE or Visual Editor

Remember, when we used to copy the text from the word document and select the option “Paste from Word” to copy the words as it is from the doc. Now this option has been removed from the new version as it will automatically convert the text into plain format.

Another exciting feature is the drag and drop feature. You will be able to directly drag and drop any images,video or audio directly into the editor and it will automatically update the media library.

Now finally the most exciting feature which is that you will be able to see live gallery previews in the visual editor. When you add a gallery to your posts, images will be displayed in a beautiful grid right inside the post editor.

Image gallary

You can also directly edit the images, video or audio from the editor itself.

edit video,audio,images


You can also crop and resize the images from in the editor

Edit Post ‹ WordPress3.9 — WordPress

4. Enhanced look and feel for the Add Themes section

There are some new enhancements made in Themes screen. There will be a new, sleek and stylish UI to add new themes in WordPress. You can also click on tabs given and switch b/w the different options like the featured themes and featured filter etc..

Add Themes ‹ WordPress3.9 — WordPress

Some Other Changes:-

There are some under the hood enhancements that developers might be interested in:

  • The load process in Multisite has been rewritten.
  • WordPress 3.9 uses the MySQL Improved Database Extension if you’re running a recent version of PHP. It’s recommended that developers test their plugins to check everything works and to make sure you’re not calling mysql_* functions directly.
  • Autosave has been refactored.



Most of the features listed above are, people might say cosmetic but who doesn’t like an attractive dashboard to work in and with the new features in the visual editor, it will change the way people write posts.