Word Press version 3.8 has been released and it is not just a feature upgrade: It’s a long awaited. Some might even say overdue—facelift.

Features are cleaner, redesigned dashboard, eight admin color schemes and responsive design across phones, tablets and computers. The update also includes simpler theme and widget management.

“Responsive” Admin:- Just like a front-end website can be “responsive,” the new WordPress admin will adjust better to the width of your screen. Theoretically, you can now manage your site on a phone or tablet.


Improved Dashboard:- I’ve never found the “Dashboard” admin page very compelling even though it’s the first page you see when you log in to edit your site. However, the new Dashboard takes a big step in the right direction.

    • The “Activity” stream shows your recently published posts, scheduled posts, and recent comments. There are big plans to add more useful information to the stream in future versions.
    • The “Quick Draft” widget replaces the old “Quick Post” widget. It’s meant for quickly logging ideas for future posts. Suppose you have number of drafts waiting to be fleshed out—so this will save you a few clicks.
    • The “At a Glance” widget replaces the “Right Now” widget. It’s a little sparse at first, but my Post Status Menu Items plugin beefs it up by showing an overview of all your Posts’ statuses (with pretty icons!)


New User Interface Design:- Farewell to the skeuomorphic, low contrast rounded corners of old UI. Hello to a responsive, modern, touch-friendly, typographically-rich user interface.


Changing Your Colour Scheme:- Well if you’re not a fan of the dark colour scheme, then you’re in luck. By default WordPress comes with 8 different admin colour schemes.
Now if you want to change to a different colour scheme, then simply go to Users » Your Profile of your WordPress admin area. There you will see total of 8 different colour schemes. Simply select a new colour scheme and the admin changes without even refreshing the page!
WordPress admin colour schemes give users a way to personalize the dashboard. For users who spend a lot of time in the admin area, composing posts and moderating comments, these colour schemes may bring refreshing change to the work environment.

Conclusion:- This is a superb new version of WordPress and I think everyone is going to enjoy. I highly recommend you install it as soon as possible and play around with the number of new features. 🙂