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With WordPress 3.6 coming after 8 months of WordPress 3.5, the team has promised to keep the cycle short for the future updates and living up to the promise the first beta version of WordPress 3.7 was released yesterday and final version would be out by end of October and WordPress 3.8 is expected to be out by December and whose development is led by Matt Mullenweg himself

With the first beta version up, lets see what we can expect from the final version:–

Updates:- Starting with 3.7 we may see automatic updates to the next stable version once it is out.
The administrators may get an email that an update is available for core|plugins|themes

Search results: — ordering by “relevance” instead of ordering by date.

Language packs:– Language packs may be separated, language files from plugins, themes, and core, allowing them to be maintained and updated independently.

Passwords:– WorPress 3.7 aiming to improve the adoption of best security practices by assisting with password generation. It may allow admin to generate new passwords for the users and send those to them.

Remove Post By Email Feature in Favor of Official Plugin: The option to post by email will be removed from the WordPress core in the 3.7 release. As WordPress evolves, there are some lesser-used features that would be better served as a plugin, in favor of keeping the core leaner. Such is the case with the post by email feature, but don’t worry – WordPress won’t leave current users out in the cold. A plugin is in the works that will be the official replacement, providing a virtually seamless transition for posting by email when 3.7 is released.

Other than this there will be other changes too like

Multisite:– Multisite will get better and more stable, with the plan of closing more than 122 tickets related to it.

JavaScript:– Improved up the stability of existing features, improving existing JS, or working on a JS testing framework.

Query and Taxonomy:– These two advanced areas of core kind of go hand-in-hand, and we may get a more bug free core with loads of ticktes being closed.

With this if you are a WordPress lover, go ahead and test the first beta version of WordPress 3.7 and report bugs and lend an hond to the already awesome WordPress community.

Happy WordPressing 🙂