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WordPress-3.6WordPress 3.6 is out for some time now and all must be wondering and eager to know the new additions to the new version. If that’s the case then you are at the right post, i am going to discuss whats new in wordpress 3.6 here.

WordPress 3.6 “Oscar” as named after the Canadian jazz pianist Oscar Peterson has the following new and refreshing features one should look for:-

Twenty thirty theme
Keeping the promise of coming with a new theme annually, this time the core team has come up with the new and colorful Twenty thirteen theme. This theme is highly responsive and looks great in any and every screen sizes.

A new user interface to create menus
Basically this has two tabs, one for editing menus and other for managing the locations. This also has the settings to automatically add new top-level pages to the menu. I found this new interface really refreshing and I am sure many others will feel the same.

Improved autosave feature
With WordPress 3.6 loosing content in wordpress will be a myth, So now loosing content due to session/cookie expiration or accidentally closing browser or tab or any other such thing is really a myth. So now you can write a post as long as possible directly in the WYSIWYG editor without the fear of loosing the contents. Now WordPress uses the browser’s storage as well as the wordpress database to save the revisions. Everytime WordPress tries to match the current version with the backup stored in your browser and notifies if finds a difference. You can see the changes in comparison and has the privilege to restore the autosave if you want.

New improved revision comparison
Over the years we have found revisions to be very helpful but finding a quick difference between the revisions were difficult, but with WordPress 3.6 this is not a pain anymore. You can check all the revisions in a beautiful interface, compare any two revisions and can restore any of the revisions.

Log in notifications.
In the previous versions when the wordpress session expires or the administrator changes the login credentials one had to go back to the login page and relogin and while doing so looses the content one is on, but like I said with wordpress 3.6 loosing content is a myth and so when the above happens a log in notifications pops up and after login you stay on the same page without loosing anything.

Post locking
This feature would help a lot in a multi author site. In the previous version when the post/page is being edited by one the other trying to edit has to wait till the first finishes but with wordpress 3.6 you can takeover the editing and proceed.

Improved media embedding
Now media embedding into wordpress has become easier than ever. if you want a video or music into your post, you can simply paste the path to the file or upload it using the media uploader and publish it and it will turn into a nice player on your front end.

– New audio and video apis to use media metadara such as ID3 tags.
– .webm added to the MIME type list.
– You can now sort the media library by Author.
– Native support for audio and video extends via HTML5 media player as well as improved integration with spotify, Rdio and Sound Cloud
– Set any post format as default under settings > writing

Along with the above there has been many additions to the new version which would interest the users and developers.
For complete details see Version 3.6 and also see over 700+ tickets closed

so now those few who hasn’t tried their hands on new wordpress 3.6, without wasting the time go ahead and try it.

For all those who wants to avoid reading the above and wants to watch, here is the video

Happy Coding 🙂